L'equipe Panama Exotic Adventures


Michel: Michel Puech with his 30 years in Panama founded Panama Exotic
Adventures for the pleasure of his customers and his own... Originally from Tarn, he travelled a good part of the world and settled initially as a tanner in Panama. His knowledge of the region and the indian tribes makes him one of the only true specialists in Darién and San Blas and in the local cantinas.

Marlon: Panamenian of Isla Grande and in spite of his youth, Marlon Moreno joined the team like forest guide and quickly becomes the third man of the team, manging the logistics, the construction of the lodges and the accompaniment of the tours.

They helped us, they are a part of us, they are our friends...... Jessica, Padre Hector, Wilio, Nelson, Juan Loco, Vidacchio...

Panama Exotic Adventures / Darien Jungle & San Blas Kuna Yala
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