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Prix per personne en chambre double
Ce tarif comprend: les repas et les boissons ( non alcoolisées) du déjeuner du jour 1 au déjeuner du jour 3. Tout ce qui mentionné au programme , l’accompagnement par un guide soit francophone, hispanophone ou anglophone. Mais ne comprend pas : les pourboires, les assurances personnelles et ce qui n’est pas mentionné au programme.

san blas

In 1975, the only mode of transportation to Darien was by airplane or boat. Thanks to the little information about this region, we had to do some preparing from Panama City

Depending on the water currents and how much the captain would drink, the voyage would last from 24 to 48 hours.



After numerous trips, a state of confidence was established between us and the Wounaan and Embera.

Slowly we established connections between families and shamans in the 2 ethnic groups.



There simple days of tranquility and simple jobs were about to be over. There cultural celebrations, the cultural body paintings, old traditions stay only in the minds of the elders of the group. The new youth see life through technology and modern occidental civilization. There cultural traditions are in danger of extinction, so now is the time to visit them.





Some years ago, we had the opportunity to assist at the puberty festival, and some marriages. These celebrations are becoming more and more rare because of the high costs. These celebrations are from 3 to 4 days long, and is usually paid by one family. The whole village assists to they festive celebrations. 


Darien opened its doors to the world during the late 70’s, by creating a pathway where cars could go through. Airlines and boating companies were not depended on anymore.


Unfortunately, we only had small cars, making it hard to go through this "road". We had to be careful with mud puddles, rocks, etc.



As time passed, these roads were stretched through the whole Darien province, making it easier for us to go further and further into the east.


Now a days,  we offer our knowledge and routes to researchers, member of Universities, and curios people that want to explore forgetting region of Darien.  


Your guide will be local indigenes that have knowledge of the area. They will take you in dug-out boats, hiking, and kayaks. Our logistics will simplify your stay and exploration and will make your stay enjoyable.



We try to schedule and prepare your trips to your convenience. 



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